Advantage of Bitcode-Enable and how bitcode works

Manish Pathak
1 min readMay 17, 2023

Bitcode — Bitcode is file that can be available to iTunes connect and they can use it to recompile with the updated clang compiler.

How Bitcode works?

When you are enabling the bitcode that means you are attaching the copy of bitcode with machine code while uploading app to Appstore(We are actually only uploading the machine code to Appstore). So whenever apple enhances their clang compiler it takes a copy of bitcode from AppStore, compiles it, and replaces it with old machine code with a copy of bitcode.

Advantage of bitcode enable?

As we know Apple is always trying to improve or we can say enhance their performance of clang compiler and always make changes. So after each and every update, it’s very difficult for the developer to update your app and upload it to AppStore again so that it will support the new update. Here bitcode plays an important role from bitcode apple can recompile your code and which can easily support for newly enhanced clang compiler and no need to upload new source code or app to AppStore.

What happened with Bitcode copy when a device is downloading the app i.e machine code?

Good question, When a device is downloading the app(machine code) it only downloads the machine code file and ignores the bitcode file.