Backbase Journey Architecture

Manish Pathak
2 min readJul 9, 2023

Backbase Journey Architecture is a framework that helps organizations to design and deliver digital banking experiences. It is based on a modular and microservices-based architecture that enables the development of bank-agnostic, customer-centric, and flexible solutions.

The main components of Backbase Journey Architecture are:

1- The Portal Server

it is the core component of Backbase Journey Architecture that provides the foundation for building digital banking experiences. It is a microservices-based platform that allows the integration of various banking systems and technologies, as well as the development of custom widgets, services and integrations.

2- The Portal Designer

it is a web-based development environment that enables the design, customization and deployment of digital banking experiences. It provides a visual drag-and-drop interface for building and configuring pages, forms, and other elements of the digital banking experience.

Portal Runtime

it is the runtime environment of Backbase Journey Architecture. It renders and executes the digital banking experiences that were designed and configured using the Portal Designer.

Portal Services

It is a set of microservices that provide various functionalities for digital banking experiences, such as security, analytics, personalization, and more.

Portal Marketplace

It is a library of pre-built digital banking experiences and components that can be easily integrated into the digital banking platform.

The Backbase Journey Architecture also supports the development of mobile and voice-enabled banking experiences, and it allows for integration with third-party services and APIs. It also provides support for security, compliance, and data analytics. Additionally, it also supports deployment on various environments such as Cloud and On-Premise.

The Backbase Journey Architecture allows organizations to deliver digital banking experiences that are personalized, secure, and compliant, while also providing the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and customer expectations.